Why another piece of furniture?

Function is mainly focused on making love, however, its ergonomic shape will certainly be appreciated in moments of relaxation, rest or reading a book, or used during exercise.

In appearance, the sofa looks very modest, so if you want, its primary use can remain anonymous.



Not afraid to inspire

Design for passion

Primary function of SOFAah! is adapted for love games, which for their wide variability will expand your repertoire of sexual positions. The sofa has soft upholstery for comfortable sex and the ergonomic shape offers space for passionate experiments.

A tantric sofa, or tantra chair, is a proven part of tantric massages. The elegant design will ensure you a perfect awakening. Ambient pace and passionate orgies will help you fully enjoy the comfort. Introducing furniture for kamasutra.

This erotic sofa will do you good. It is a unique and luxurious sofa design that you will not be ashamed of. You ask "how to inspire your intimate life?" Like this!

Cards you can't lose with.

You will also receive a deck of cards with each sofa to help you choose from many sexual options. The sofa will be your servant.



Design sofa

Someone is not ashamed to fully untie and inspire themselves and their surroundings. Leave the decision to the pertner. Tell your partner that the sofa design is multifunctional. You can buy a tantric chair or sofa of passion as a gift. The function may not be known to your partner. All the more surprised with the original gift partner will be.

A home accessory that you would rather have than a couch in the living room.


Neither soft or hard comfortable

Technical specifications:

  • Professional leatherette with a thickness of 0.9 mm and min. 600 g/m2
  • Glued massive wood construction
  • Polyurethane foam hardness higher
  • Polyester wadding for a perfect finish
  • Length 198 cm, width 42 cm and height 79 cm
  • Weight 44 kg
  • Tested up to a load of 400 kg
  • This is not a NASA material so that it cannot withstand all
  • Anti-slip feet
The best advertising References

Buy a partner for the anniversary...

"I've been thinking for a long time what to buy a partner for the anniversary. We have a very intimate relationship and I know what will always do him good. We try new things in our relationship and this piece of furniture attracted me. I had doubts, but when a surprise awaited my husband! I recommend and thank the young designsofy team for assuring me of a good cause." Martina Soukupová

We separated sleep in bed and sex in the sofa

"My partner and I are trying to find an escape from the love stereotype and the sofa first inspired us very visually and today, thanks to its shape, it provides us with many options compared to a classic bed. Finally, we separated sleeping in bed and sex on the sofa." John K.

New dimension

"Thanks to Sofa, our love has taken on a new dimension." Eliška K..

Untested positions...

"My partner and I wanted to try other pleasure positions, the tantric chair came as a good idea for both of us. At the same time, we wanted to have a discreet sofa at home." Vlasta V.

We have it as a complement to the apartment we are always looking forward to

"I admired the sofa from acquaintances, but for a long time I didn't even know what it was really for them, until my friend once confided in me..." Zuzana M.
Perfectly made

Color configurator

You can choose various colors of the sofa. (Check your choice)

Black 11-soft

Color of sofa:

Black 11-soft
Darkgray 32-soft
Gray 29-soft
White 17-soft
Ivory 18-soft
Beige 02-soft
Chocolate 15-soft
Brown 28-soft
Darkbrown 66-soft
Petrolej 08-soft
Mint 05-soft
Lime 13-soft
Red 10-soft
Bronze BDSM steel eyes 6pcs
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